Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reindeer Pajamas + Announcements

Before I the pictures, I wanted to make a few announcements!

First, this is my 300th post on this blog!! That's a lot of posts, I can't believe I've done that many. If you all the posts on my blog, and spent a minute on each, it would take you 5 hours to read them all!

Second, I recently renovated my Pinterest, and made boards for photography of my individual dolls. So far I've got, Maggie, Phoebe, and Brooke's boards put together. Click on their names to check it out!

Thirdly, I was nominated for Best Photography in the Paisley Awards! I was so surprised when I saw I was in the top 5 for that category, and am so honored. Voting goes until January 27th, so check out the other nominees and decide which to vote for!

With the announcements done, I want to show you what I got while I was at the AG store. I saw ono the sale table that the Christmas pajamas for 2017 were only $10. They had been on my list since they came out, so I bought them!

Phoebe is here to model them.

I'm not really sure how the antlers fit with pajamas, but they're cute anyway :)

The slippers are adorable!

I might just have to start collecting the Christmas pajamas if they continue to be as cute as 2016 and 2017...

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Twinsies! // Brooke and her Twin

Okay, before selling the #39 I fixed up I just had to take some pictures of her and Brooke. They look like such cute twins. I must honestly say that I was really tempted to just keep her. I'll have to be content with just these pictures :)

Now do you see the dilemma I had? XD The cuteness is overwhelming. I think Brooke's eyes are a less bright blue. Also, they have slightly different face molds. Brooke seems to be a bit more "used" than the girl on the right ironically. Her vinyl appears more shiny to me.

And of course I had to do a Parent Trap inspired photo.... ;)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Luciana-inspired items from Etsy and Amazon

I found myself looking at Etsy and Amazon for Luciana-inspired/themed items. I found quite a few cute things that would supplement American Girl's collection for Luciana. These items are mostly from Etsy.

Orange Astronaut Space Suit | Fits 18" American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander, Our Generation, etc. | 18 Inch Doll Clothes

This Orange Astronaut Space Suit is on Amazon for $19.99. I think the color is realistic and it has the NASA logo on it. It also comes in white.

I couldn't find a galaxy dress on Etsy, but I did find these leggings for $9 from PurpleChinchilla.

EliteDollWorld has a number of cute space themed items, including this pajama set for $16.

This bedding set would be cute for Luciana's bedroom! The set is from MyFavoriteDolly and it is $45.

These earrings are from BrownDaisyDesigns. At just $4.50, they would be a super cute addition to an outfit.

This top from Stitches2Paint is $10. The shop also has other "spacey" things.

Lastly, a couple items from IfDollsCouldDream. Luciana would definitely need this bag when she's packing for camp! ($8)

Also from IfDollsCouldDream, is this "Future Astronaut" shirt for $8. 

Have you found any cool items that would fit into Luciana's world?

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Seattle AG Place // January 2nd

I'm so happy that I got to go to the Seattle AG store on January 2nd after the new release! I was excited to see Luciana and the boy dolls, especially! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera along but I did take a couple photos with my iPod.

The boys! I still think I like #76 best, although his hair was massively gelled in the case.

Luciana! I had fun exploring her Mars station. Such a great idea! I also was interested to see if her highlight was permanent or a clip. I find it interesting that they made it permanent.

I really like her meet dress! I wish it came separate, because I don't see myself getting Luciana.

I want to make sew a t-shirt like the NASA one. I wonder if I have any more fabric transfer sheets somewhere....

After walking out the AG store, I noticed the Disney castle LEGO in the window at the LEGO store. My brother and I went over to gape.

Well that's all for today!

PS My new posting schedule is Sundays and Wednesdays :)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Doll Restoration Part II

I have finished restoring the dolls I got to fix up! We'll start with a look at the Rebecca doll.

I am so pleased with how her hair and limbs look. They are so much cleaner. The change in her hair is astounding. Before it was frizzy, matted, tangled, and awful. Now it is straight, easy to brush, and not frizzy. I decided to just leave it straight.

Her sweet face now.

Her she is again when she was in great need of help.

Her eye color is lighter than Maggie's. I personally like the lighter color better. Anyway, this lovely girl is now ready for her new home and I've listed her on eBay at a very reasonable starting bid.

Now for the other girl, which was JLY #39. Her hair had been cut by the previous owner. So I had the task of trimming and making it look nice. I also dipped her hair in boiling water, tightened her limbs, washed her cloth body, washed her limbs, and applied benzoyl peroxide to her vinyl where there were marks.

She was really in a state. Her hair, although in good condition, was very messy. Her vinyl was dirty.

She's a completely different girl!

She's also on eBay now ready for her next home. You'll be seeing a lot more pictures of this beauty soon, because I couldn't resist taking some photos of her and Brooke side by side.

I am so pleased with how these girls turned out. From a state of despair, they are not fully ready to be taken into new homes and loved again! I hope you enjoyed watching their restoration!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Maggie Played in the Storm // Photo Shoot

It snowed so much the other day! Maggie threw on her boots and jacket and ran out into the storm.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Recap // Top Posts, My Favs, Thoughts on GOTY 2018, Boy Dolls, etc.

I really like doing yearly recap posts! In my excitement, I started this post over 10 days ago :) I'll be sharing stats, top posts, doing shout outs, and more. Be prepared for many links and talking about old posts and memories :)

To start it off, I'll share what the top 5 most viewed posts in 2017 were!

#5 is "Teddie's First Photo Shoot", and it was actually posted in May of 2016... It had 104 views. I remember it was super windy during this photoshoot and I was worried that Teddie would fall into the cement and scratch her face, just like Beth did during her first photoshoot. She did eventually fall on her face, but I don't think there is a lasting scratch. Whew!

#4 is "Kidz n Cats Doll Review" in which I reviewed the Kidz n Cats Sophie doll I had. This post was made in October 2015 and had 154 views this year. I no longer have this doll. I sold her because I wasn't using her much because I felt like a) she didn't have a lot of clothes and it was hard to sew clothes just for her that couldn't be shared with any of my other dolls and b) she was really difficult to pose. 

#3 is "Some Our Generation Clothing for Inspiration". This post was also from October 2015. I'm not really sure why this post got 178 views this year. In the post, I talked about some different Our Generation outfits on the Target website that I thought would be cool to sew. 

#2 is my "How to Do a Princess Leia Hairstyle on Your Doll" tutorial. This post, from April 2017, had 352 views this year. I decided to do it, because my Rey hair tutorial was getting a lot of attention, so I wanted to do another tutorial like it.

And as such, it shouldn't be a surprise that my most viewed post in 2017 (with 541 views) was "Star Wars Rey Hairstyle". I posted it in December 2015 after I saw The Force Awakens. I wish I could reshoot the pictures for this post, because when I took them it was dark out and therefore the lighting isn't very good. Nevertheless, ever since I put it up, this has been my most viewed post. (Sidenote: I saw The Last Jedi shortly after it came out and it was good!!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now let's move on to what my favorite posts were from this year. I'll be picking one post from each month, so this might be hard!


January was a big month! I posted photos from my trip to Hawaii with Phoebe, my first trip to an AG store, took family photos, and other very fun stuff!

Yet, I have to say this is my favorite post: "Family Photos"! Getting all my dolls dressed, hair ready, and in one place posed is hard and this is the only time I've done it!


"Red Dress" was a Valentine's Day inspired and the photo shoot took place while it was snowing. Beth's hairstyle, cute outfit, and setting make this a February favorite for me. 


"Phoebe as Joy" was such a fun post to put together! I created the dress for Phoebe to look like Joy from Inside Out. I loved researching the costume and finding the perfect colors to match.


In April I did my first minidoll photoshoot "Wander" featuring mini Kaya. I'm pretty fond of this doll and this shoot.


I thoroughly enjoyed "Beth of Stony Hill". I adore Beth in this outfit, hairstyle, and pink flower.


I didn't post much in June, so my options here were pretty bleak. Still, there were a few cute shots of Phoebe and Teddie (two of the resident best friends) in "Two More Attempts".


Hands down my favorite post from this month was "Teddie Meets Her Pen-Pal". Teddie got to meet and get a photo shoot with her friend Phoebe Jo from Simply Dollightful. It was so awesome to do this shoot with Christina!! (to see Christina's pictures and delightful photo story go here)


Again, August was a pretty deserted month here on the blog. The only really real post (as in, I took pictures for it) I did was a review of the American Girl Visual Guide.


Image result for tumbleweed blowing gif
from here
Ahem. Shall we move on to October?


I loveee this shoot. I'd wanted a horse forever. If you haven't, be sure to check out "A Horse and His Girl" where Teddie met a new friend who we will be seeing more of in the future.


The only post I did in November was of my trip to the AG store while I was in Florida! I got to see a lot of dolls in person for the first time like Nanea, Z, Tenney, Logan, Gabriela, 67, Felicity, etc.


My favorite post of December has to be my most recent, "Teddie's New Snowshoes". Her outfit and the pictures just turned out really cute. I think it's a great last photo shoot of 2017.

Evidently, my posting slowed down at the end of the year (as in the last quarter of it). I'm not sure if this will continue but you will definitely see me at least in the same frequency that I have been. Hopefully more than once a month, like September haha. (I admit that's not really funny....sorry 'bout that)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How would we like some stats? 

My top five countries are US, Russia, Canada, UK, and France. I think it's really interesting that I have more view from Russia than from Canada, I must have a regular reader or two from Russia...? Other countries include Portugal, Australia, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, Ireland, and Hong Kong. 

My biggest referrer is!! Shout out your doll site posts have helped my blog gain exposure for sure. Thank you Jessica for keeping the doll blogging community connected!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! You are so kind and encouraging. Posting here is only part of what I do. I love reading all your blogs and seeing your dolls all the time.

Some of my top commenters from this year are Xyra Silverleaf, Light4theLord, and Anna! Thank you to everyone who leaves a comment on my blog! I love hearing from you!

Let's say farewell to 2017 and look forward to all that 2018 has in store!! Such as...

Image result for luciana american girl 2018
photo from pinterest
We've already seen lots of leaks of Luciana Vega, Girl of the Year 2018. I haven't talked about her yet, but I really like her! I love her hairstyle (including the purple!). I especially love that she's into science! Her outfits are so pretty, and her space suit is awesome. I think her theme is really unique. Honestly, of all the GOTYs that I've experienced the release of, I was most excited when I saw her. She looks really similar to Beth, and I already have two Josefina mold dolls, so I most likely won't get her. But her collection is super!

As for the new boy dolls, I appreciate that they have different face molds. I think they will take me a little while to get used to, but my favorite right now is the Sonali-type mold boy. Again, I don't see myself getting one of them.

However, I do see myself growing my doll family a little bit soon. I really want to make another custom doll.... That's all I will say for now :) I'm hoping this desire comes to fruition!

Here's to another great year of blogging and dolls! Happy New Year!