Monday, July 16, 2018

Maggie Hikes In the River

I took a bunch of pictures of Maggie while I was at Yellowstone, and was going to put them all in one post. But I realized the post would have too many pictures so I split them up. 

We stopped at the side of the road by a river where people were fishing and playing. The sun was nearly setting, so I grabbed Maggie for a photo shoot!

The river ran over a bed of rock, so it was rather shallow in some places.

I found her adorable backpack at a gift shop! There will be more pictures of it soon :)

My dad took that picture ↑😊

I hope you enjoyed this! Which picture is your favorite? The next post features Beth at a ghost town!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kaya at Yellowstone National Park!

My nearly two month absence was not intentional. I blog when I have inspiration, free time, and a desire to do so. Posting may be sporadic, but I'll always return :)

That being said......

I recently went to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming! It was a long drive, but I took two of my dolls (in addition to Kaya) and got lots of pictures. I'll also be posting non-doll related photos on my other blog.

Kaya visited Mammoth Hot Springs.

She loved the view from the path to Tower Fall, a 40 meter waterfall.

She found a lovely stream at the top of Dunraven Pass near Washburn Hot Springs. (I got four mosquito bites for this picture haha!)

Kaya marveled at the beauty of the hot springs.

She also visited Old Faithful Geyser!

The rivers are wide and beautiful.

The Grand Prismatic Spring was very colorful.

At the bottom of Firehole Falls, Kaya peered into the cool clear water.

The waves rushed past her perch on a high rocky slope.

Beth and Maggie also had adventures at YNP, so stay tuned!

Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May Teddie // A Photo Shoot

I finally did something to Teddie that I've been wanting to for a while! Seeing this doll customized by Valerie from @lovelivautum was the last straw. I freckled Teddie! Take a look at this photo shoot and tell me what you think!

Personally, I like them! It took several tries but I finally got a result that I was okay with. Since it's definitely summer here, it's natural that a redhead like Teddie would get a few freckles!

What do you think of her freckles? Is it summer where you are?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Hearing Aids Again // Photo Shoot

Yes.... This post will end in another photo shoot of Cadence, but it was so fun to do, guys. I took 42 pictures but I'm only posting 9 ;)

But first!

I had to make Cadence some new hearing aids because her old ones broke (and I also lost one....). Besides, it was about time for her to get new, since kids have to get new hearing aids frequently because they grow out of them.

Last time I used clay to make the ear mold and behind the ear portion. This time, however, I recalled how AmericanGirlIdeas often uses hot glue in a variety of creative ways. Hot glue doesn't stick to parchment paper, so it is possible to create a shape and then remove it.

I used two plastic covered paper clips.

I also used a tool (I don't remember the name of it) to bend the paperclip, a hot glue gun, and a heart shaped cookie cutter which happened to have nearly the same curvature as the ear.

First, I bent the paperclip to the correct size.

I used Phoebe to model the hearing aids since her hair stays away from her face better than Cadence's.

I then squirted a bit of sparkly gold hot glue onto parchment paper.

Before the hot glue was completely dry, not sticky but still pliable, I removed it from the parchment and pressed it into her ear. Once it's completely hardened, I took it out. Then I used the metal tip of the hot glue gun to soften and smooth the rough edges.

I stuck the metal into the ear mold.

For the behind the ear section, I put the hearing aid on the parchment paper and hot glued around it. Just like before, I molded it to the ear, adding more hot glue and smoothing it when needed.

Finished products!

On to the photo shoot so you can see what the hearing aids look like on Cadence. They don't fit her exactly as they fit Phoebe, but it's pretty close.

I like that the new ones are more fun and colorful.

I hope you enjoyed this post!